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Health Care:

Elderly People, Golden Age

Atención integral para la salud de los adultos mayores.


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Médica Sur, hospital seguro

At Médica Sur, we offer comprehensive services so the elderly people live and enjoy this time of their life with quality.

We are a service dedicated to the care of the elderly people from 65 to preserve the functional integrity at physical and cognitive levels of the elder people to achieve a quality aging.

We have a multidisciplinary team that includes specialists certified in: geriatrics, nutrition, rehabilitation, neuropsychology, occupational therapy, oral health, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, which ensures a comprehensive assessment of any problems that the patient may present.

Want to know more? Visit us on the First floor of the Annex building to the Hospital (take the elevator to the Imaging area), at our Médica Sur Tlalpan facilities, or contact us at:

Note that we are the only clinical service specializing in the needs and diseases of the elderly in a comprehensive, covering both physical and cognitive aspects.

 Each patient will benefit, because with hard work will get a medical study full and accurate diagnosis (clinical service, functional, mental and social) of their pathology, which will improve their health and quality of life.

Auto Geriatric Assessment

In order to evaluate your current health status, we conducted a short quiz: If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, or know a family member with any of these problems, we suggest going to the Comprehensive Center for Diagnosis and Treatment (CIDyT) to perform a comprehensive geriatric assessment. Remember, prevention begins in yourself, and in the clinical service of the elderly want to help you improve your quality of life.